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God's Clown
(Accord / Musidisc -- 2017 reissue: Pop The Balloon)

From Blenheim Crescent To Cheyne Walk  
La Vie De Château  
Look Like Death  
God's Clown  
Touch The Leper  
A Gift From Above  
Across The Corridors Of Glass  
Sally Was No Angel
I Love The Rain

"The ghosts of Syd Barrett and Marc Bolan.
Listening to The Jacobites.
Of light, and rain, and a broken back.
The Phantom of the Opera, dancing with Nijinsky."
- Johan Asherton

Johan's seminal 1988 debut album "God's Clown" is finally re-released in a remastered, expanded version, on Pop The Balloon Records. Handsome Digipack with a 16-page booklet featuring memorabilia, lyrics and "The Story of God's Clown".

Listen to some excerpts