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El Viaje Sentimental

The World Behind The Shades - Johan Asherton
Sink Deep Into The Night - Johan Asherton
Automatic Vamper - Johan Asherton
Leather And Lace - The Froggies
Take The Money And Run - The Froggies
Can't Wait To Cheat Your Lover - The Froggies
Clues - The Froggies
Cold Turkey (Live) - The Froggies
Still In The Business (Live) - The Froggies
Bang, Bang (You're Dead) (Live) - The Froggies
Serious Sunglasses - The Liquid Gang
All Wound Up - The Liquid Gang
I Can Feel It Comin' Round - The Liquid Gang
Mercy, Mercy - The Liquid Gang
The Visit - Johan Asherton

"A few postcards bought along the way."
- Johan Asherton