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The Other End Of The Street

Mephistopheles is
Waltzing by the sea-side
Jesus doesn't care, he's
Gone for another heavenly ride.

And Scarlett does look sad
Tho' things ain't
Working out that bad
But tell me how's
The wind blowing at
The other end of the street.

Jennifer's just hired
An automatic loverboy
Allan can't hide his
Newly found little toy.

Ferlinghetti lives on
A Coney Island of the Mind
While new Shakespearean riddles
Are always so hard to bind.

Master Cagliostro says
He's forever got the blues
Searching for cheap thrills
In magazines that never give the news.

Baron Corvo sets sails
Exiled on "Paradise Lost"
Captured city of angels
Mesmerized by what they cost.

Johan Asherton, 1990
- BMG Music Publishing France