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An Old Tale

My beautiful Epiphany
Where will you be tomorrow
Will you often think of me
Will you stagger with sorrow
Is there anything I could address
To blow away your fears
When words are missing to express
What's better told with tears

My beautiful Melancholy
Will you leave me in this house
Will you still be there with me
When I'll stumble in the clouds
There is nothing I can do for you
To remember my name
And my songs you seem to believe
That they all sound the same

My beautiful Simplicity
Where will you be in a while
Will you dance again for me
When I've lost my ragged style
Those sounds pouring off of guitar strings
Are all that I can weave
Even if they're the poorest things
Them to you I will give

My beautiful Sally-Angie
When the hour is getting late
That's when we'll be caught you and me
Feeling too tired to escape
I'll turn around to you once again
and sigh : "Do you love me ?"
And in the crying of the rain
We'll jump into the sea

Repeat 1st verse.

Johan Asherton, 1995
- BMG Music Publishing France