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Reviews: Bluesology - Vicious Kitten

There is a certain simplistic charm about an acoustic guitar and the deep, rich tones of Asherton. Blues purists will find Bluesology to their liking, yet so too will fans of acoustic mode Stones. As much as a poet than anything else with his romantic imagery and the dreamy lyrics of a storyteller, Asherton succeeds in giving each song its own colour, blending melody with warm acoustics to create songs of utter charm. "Black Birds Crow‚?Ě, ‚??Tinker And The Sea‚?Ě, and ‚??City Of Gold‚?Ě are personal highs, yet with a dozen songs in all, there's a wealth of acoustic bliss to choose from. Bluesology is highlighted by Asherton‚??s heavy voice and often basic guitar style, which let the quality of his song writing shine through. Stark, emotive, reflective and at time soul baring, Bluesology is well worth picking up. On the ultra cool Sucksex label from Paris.