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Reviews: Bluesology - Dirty Linen - 1998

Looking like a dreamy Nick Drake and sounding very much like a high-spirited, folk version of Marc Bolan, Johan asherton walks the thin line between confession and rapture in these 12 songs. Produced by Si Freddi Di Angelo and Asherton in France, "Bluesology" (a title inspired by Elton John's old blues band) meanders over folk routes/roots with Asherton's impressive guitar work and singing style, influenced by Bert Jansch and Wizz Jones. "Lord Have Mercy Upon My Soul" stretches faith to the extreme, and Asherton digs deep to deliver the Mississippi growl. "A Quiet Walk" and "All Will Be Revealed" are more reflective and introspective in the delivery and could pass for quiet, nocturnal escapade lullabies. Charmers all.

TJ McGrath
Dirty Linen # 78 - October/November 1998