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Biography - Johan Asherton: A Biography

Johan Asherton was born 3 January 1958 in Paris, into a family of classical musicians.

Throughout the 70s he listens to Hendrix, Dylan, Marc Bolan and Kevin Ayers. He's fascinated by the films of Werner Herzog, and the symbolists of the XIX Century.

Johan records his first single "Harlequin" in 1981, with his soon-to-be friend and accomplice engineer/producer Patrick Chevalot, then forms The Froggies who release two albums in 1984-1985, before going solo again, following a short spell with The Liquid Gang, in 1986.

Asherton's first album "God's Clown" (1988) refers back to the early Bolan/Barrett influence while the following year's "Precious" is more American-sounding, with contributions from US producer/bassist Jeff Eyrich.

The rare tracks compilation "El Viaje Sentimental" is issued in Spain (1991), while Johan tours accross Europe, and appears at SXSW in Austin, Texas, in 1992. "The Night Forlorn" is released the following year, then "The Moon, Soon" in 1995, along with the publication of Johan's own "Marc Bolan & T. Rex" biography. More dates in Europe with Rory Gallagher, Paul Young and Daniel Lanois.

In 1996, Johan releases "Under The Weather", and produces a V.A. compilation, "Songwriter".

1998 sees the release of the limited-edition, vinyl only "Bluesology", while Asherton performs more solo dates in Paris and London.

His latest album "Trystero's Empire" was first released in Japan, along with the 18-track compilation "Johan ‚?¶ Ou Les Cendres Am√®res", late in 2000, then in Europe in 2002.

That same year, two more CDs of unreleased material were also released in Japan: "Diary Of A Perfumed Clown" ‚?? The Legendary "God‚??s Clown" Sessions ‚?? and "Phantastes", a 1994 home recorded album based on the work of Scotsman poet George McDonald.

A 3 CD set "A Place To Hide For Everyone" - Anthology 1992-1996 was released in 2003.

Johan Asherton's new album "Amber Songs" is now out on Willing Productions.

Concert this year will include dates in France, Italy and the UK.